2017 Marathon

Leixlip Tennis Club will be holding a 24 hour sponsored marathon from 7pm on Friday 23 June to 7pm on Saturday 24 June 2017.

This follow on from the very successful and very enjoyable 2016 Marathon, which proved to be great fun for all.

Again this year, one single match will be played over the 24 hours with singles/doubles and mixed doubles pairings playing for an hour each time for one of two teams.

Scores will be accumulated over the 24 hours with one team to be declared winners at the end.

Players of all levels are invited to participate.

Entertainment and refreshments are being planned for the 24 hours and we will have an event at the club on completion of the match at 7pm on Saturday 24 June.

We hope to see all of our adult members participate.

Members can register their interest at the following email address: info@leixliptennisclub.com or contact Enzo Dowling on 086 8521418 and we will arrange for sponsorship cards to be provided to each player.

The only question will be - Will you be on the winners side or will you be on the losers side?